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About the Farm

"Veterans training Veterans to make a healthier community."  

What We Do

DC Farm for Vets provides education and financial support to Veterans entering into agriculture. This service includes several different programs.  We have an available community gardening program along with scheduled training tailored to the specific time of the growing season. Our training program entails regenerative agriculture, sustainable chemical free produce production, livestock, and cherry and apple orchards.  


The specific objectives and purpose of this organization is to work towards the elimination of veteran suicide.  We accomplish this through teaching skills of sustainability and consumption of nutrient dense produce and livestock.  Being able to grow your own food gives you a sense of control over your life and it is incredibly rewarding. Every dollar that gets donated to DC farm for Vets we donate back to our veterans or the community giving our veterans the opportunity to serve something bigger than themselves once again.  


Who We Are

We are a group of Veterans and Veteran wellness advocates looking to make a difference in the lives of our soldiers after enlistment.  The health and welfare of our veterans is our top priority.

Join the Cause

If you'd like to have your farm join in on the training efforts, we are looking to expand into different areas of agriculture and other states in the future.  Don't hesitate to reach out in effort to help further the success of our Veterans.

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