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Workshare Program

Make a Change in your community!

What can I do?

DC Farm for Vets, We are a family who are always looking for extra hands to provide a healthier option locally grown produce from our garden straight to your table for the freshest meals to bring a smile to your family. We love to help the community out however it is a time consuming process as well as sweat inducing work!

We at DC Farm for Vets are currently looking to bring some helpers that will work any amount of time, and to trade your time for some locally grown produce, anywhere from Freshly grown Peppers, Watermelon, maybe more. Once you work 4 hours in a single day you earn up to $60 worth of fresh produce of your choice that is locally grown right here in Wisconsin.

Bee Classes

We here at DC Farm for Vets, Believe everyone should have the chance to learn new opportunities, thats why here at DC Farm for Vets have decided to start new classes to learn how to manage your own bees.

Starting; May 19th - September TBD

Please Sign up, at least 1 week in advanced we are excited you want to learn!


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